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How to use the Choose Function with Select

In this video we’ll walk you though how to use the CHOOSE function with SELECT. You’ll see how the function works and then a practical example using some sample data. Once you’ve gone through this article, I would recommend watching our next Essential SQL Minute to continue learn more about SQL Server! Once you have […]

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Getting Started With SQL Server: 2. Sort Your Query Results

In this lesson you are going to explore how to sort your query results by using SQL’s ORDER BY statement.  Using this phrase allows us to sort our result in ascending or descending order.  In addition you can limit your query to a specified number of results. The lesson’s objectives are to: learn how to sort on […]

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Getting Started with SQL Server: 1. Simple SELECT Queries

In this series of lessons you’re going to learn how to query Microsoft SQL Server using the SQL SELECT statement.  Once you have read this lesson you’ll be able to: Identify all the tables in a SQL Server Database Using SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). Understand how to list a table’s columns. Use the SQL SELECT statement to view […]

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