SQL Server Certifications

To help you get the most out your studying time, I put together this 70-761 resource page to help you succeed in getting ready for your certification.

Get a Head Start on 70-761 Certification

These resources help you prepare to take the 70-761 Querying Microsoft SQL Server Certification exam.

If you’re planning on studying for exam 70-761, the I would recommend that good study habits into practice today.

You’ll see that cramming isn’t effective, so its best to plan ahead.

70-761 Online Quiz

Essential SQL201 70-761 Online Practice Exam:  This is a series of 10 quizzes, each structured according to our study guide.

There are over 200 questions to help you gain confidence and prepare for the 70-761 certification.

Microsoft Certification Guides and Resources

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To help you get the most out your studying time, I put together this 70-761 resource page to help you[...]
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