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FearlessSQL is the most digestible and user-friendly SQL learning program that not only helps you learn intermediate SQL but also boosts your confidence to handle complex queries.

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Discovered how to use various Join Types to combine data from different tables.
  • Understand how to harness Subqueries to make your SQL more robust and flexible.
  • Used SET operators and understand their unique abilities such as combining rows.
  • Practiced using Common Table Expressions to help organize your code and to navigate hierarchical data.
  • Utilized windows functions to super charge your SQL by performing calculations not otherwise possible.
  • Gained a valuable skill set to help you advance your career.

But above all else, Fearless SQL will give you the confidence to finally tackle tough to learn SQL concepts, and make the leap from being frustrated and confused to writing queries without SQL being in your way.

“My reason for wanting to use your SQL courses is that it appears to be the best regarded, as well as the best organized, of other SQL training.

I am an accountant, and as I have had to use SQL over the years, I have just begged and borrowed pieces of code to make things work when I needed to.

It’s great to finally get some real instruction – thanks”


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