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Hello, my name is Kris Wenzel and welcome to Essential SQL.  There is so much to absorb when learning SQL. My job is to steer you in the right direction and get you started on the right foot.

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SQL Training

It can get pretty overwhelming learning SQL.  To help, I’ve created the following series of lessons, in plain English, to get you started.  They start from ground zero, and assume you no nothing of SQL.  Before we start learning, pickup my free guide to getting started with SQL server.  With it, you’ll be off on the right foot.

NEW!  Check out the SQL Server Tutorial we’ve put together.  We constantly adding new material to this section, so check back frequently!

Also, I would recommend you join the Essential SQL Learning Group.  There you’ll find an awesome community ready to help and learn alongside you!

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My first lesson series is called Get Ready to Learn SQL and is based on my course SQL 101:

  • Simple Select Queries – To query your data you’ll use the select command.  This lesson covers basic concepts.
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My second lesson series is called Get Ready to Combine Data and is based on my course SQL 201:

My third lesson series is coming soon and will cover window functions and all the kewl and nifty stuffy you need to know to master Business Intelligence.

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Common Questions

Along the way you’re bound to have questions about databases in general, the pieces that make them up, or something unusual about SQL.  Check out these questions to satiate your curiosity.

These and more questions are also found here.

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