Free Beginners SQL Course!

It can get pretty overwhelming learning SQL.  To help, I’ve created the following SQL Server resources and online tutorials to get you started.  They start from ground zero, and assume you no nothing of SQL.

If you’re new to SQL let’s get started with these three steps:


SQL Server Learning Group

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SQL Server Tutorial

New!  Check out my online SQL server tutorial.

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SQL How-To Articles

SQL can solve many problems, but it is tricky. Be sure to check our great list of SQL how-to articles to squeeze the most out of it.

 Beginning SQL Server Introductory Articles

Database Normalization

Database Normalization – Understand why it is important to organize data into separate tables.  Knowing this, makes learning Joins so much easier.

Database Joins, Subqueries, and Sets

Common Table Expressions

Introduction to CTEs (Common Table Expressions)— CTE’s are used to simplify complex joins and subqueries, and to provide a means to query hierarchical data.

Introduction to Insert, Update, and Delete