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SQL Online Practice Exam

This is for you if... your goal is to pass the Microsoft Querying SQL Server 2016 Certification.

This practice exam covers 23 areas of study and includes over 200 questions relevant to exam 70-761.

When you purchase our practice test you'll get unlimited access to take the practice test. That means you can take the test as many times you wish for as long as you wish!

Stored Procedures Unpacked

Learn to develop, code, & implement stored procedures, transactions, & cursors, in your SQL Server database using T-SQL.

Database Normalization Simplified

Database Normalization Explained in Simple English for MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL

Join Together Now

Learn how to write database joins.

Finally figure out the difference between an INNER and OUTER join!

Subquery Magic

Learn how to write subqueries.  Discover the mystery and finally "get" subqueries!

Bonus! correlated subqueries!

Are you ready to learn SQL Server, but don't know where to start?