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How to Get a Date 30 Days into the Future using SQL



How to Get a Date 30 Days into the Future.


You want to calculate a date 30 days into the Future using SQL.  We’ll use the AdventureWorks Production.Product table for our example:

select ProductID, Name, SellStartDate
from Production.Product
where productID in(1, 770, 927)

Let’s add thirty days to select Product SellStartDates.


Use the SQLSERVER DATEADD() function to add 30 days to today’s date.

select ProductID, name, SellStartDate, dateadd(day,30,SellStartDate) SellStart30Days
from Production.Product
where productID in(1, 770, 927)

Here is the result. Notice SellStart30Day is not the end of the month, but 30 days in the future.

Result of Using SQL to Calculate 30 Days into the Future


You can use DATEADD to add days, weeks, months or years dates.  The function takes three parameters.

This first parameter is datepart.  In our example we specify day.

Use the second parameter to specify the number the number of periods to add, which in our example is 30.

The  last parameter is the date we’re adding days to.  In our case it is the Product.SelStartDate column.

You can also use DATEADD() to subtract days.  To subtract day 30 days, use -30 as the second parameter.


In our example we used DATEADD in the SELECT statement, but keep in mind you can use it anywhere an expression is allowed. I find DATEADD useful when doing comparisons on the WHERE clause.

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