Three Tips To Learn SQL Easily



Three Tips To Learn SQL

If you have ever have wanted to start learning SQL but didn’t know where to start because you were frustrated, then let me show you three tips to learn SQL. You can use these tips to get started learning SQL today!

I want to Learn SQL but Don’t Know Where to Start

It is daunting to start learning SQL.  Between the choices you must make and some technical hurdles to overcome, it’s quite a challenge to even begin!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this article I’m going to show you why many of the items you think stand in your way don’t need to, and what you can do to get learning SQL quickly.

Three Tips to Learn SQL

In my opinion the most important thing you can to do learn SQL is just get started learning!  This means overcoming obstacles barring your progress.  So, let’s work through some decisions and tech to get you on your way.

Don’t Worry about the Database Vendor

When first starting to learn SQL, many people get stuck deciding whether to study MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server.  To be honest, in the beginning it doesn’t matter much as each vendor’s core features are the same.

So don’t worry too much about whether you need to start learning MySQL versus SQL Server, as what matters is getting down the concepts. And all the relational database products support the same concepts and syntax.

To illustrate my point, consider this simple example. Suppose you have an Employee table with FirstName and LastName columns.  This SELECT statement runs on all three:

SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Employee;

To be sure, there are differences between the three versions, but when starting out, and learning the concepts, you won’t need to focus on those. One of the biggest tips to learning SQL is focus on first learning the main concepts, then worry about each vendor’s unique take to the language.

Ditch the Computer

To learn SQL, you need to practice it using puzzles and challenges.  This is difficult if you don’t have access to a database to run the queries.  In the past to learn SQL you either needed access to a database at work or install it on your computer at home. 

The software and process to do the installation is complicated, and most people give up.  Luckily, you can now use online tutorials to learn SQL.

Note:  If you still want to install SQL on  your own computer, you can, learn more about that here.

Get a Guide

Three Tips to Learn SQL

Learning a new computer language is open ended.  If you don’t have a plan, it’s frustrating to know what to learn first, and to take as next steps.  This is important to know, as many concepts in SQL build upon each other.

Learning topics out of sequence becomes much harder, as need to learn more than one concept that you never say before.

Depending on how  you like to learn there are several approaches.

For a more guided approach signup up for our free email course.  It includes videos to guide you through the tutorial lessons.

If you want to pick and choose, the I would recommend checking out our Getting Started page and start browsing articles.  They are presented to you in the easiest order to learn.

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